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When the show premieres, Jackie is dating Michael Kelsoa good-looking, brainless goofball. First Date is the 16th episode of Season 1 on FOX comedy That '70s Show. Kelso agrees to go shopping with Jackie, thinking they will actually be having sex . Start a Discussion Discussions about First Date Breaking Down the Future of the MCU. Fandom · Jackie Burkhart · Donna Pinciotti · Michael Kelso · Fez. Maybe another season would have made the relationship seem warranted, but as it stands it just doesn't sit right.

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She flushes his toothbrush, microwaves his lotion, and ruins his car with graffiti. Jacqueline Beulah Burkhart is a fictional character portrayed by Mila Kunis on the Fox Network sitcom That '70s Show. Jackie is one of the two female leads throughout the show's life, and a love When the show premieres, Jackie is dating Michael Kelso, a good-looking, brainless goofball. She decides to finally lose her. So, Jackie has Kelso choose to kiss any girl at The Hub to make things even between them and they can move on and be together again.

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Fez boyfriend Michael Kelso ex-boyfriend Steven Hyde ex-boyfriend. TV Couple #2: Jackie and Fez, 'That '70s Show' - Like, why does this TV couple even exist? Jackie refusing Kelso is understandable, but she really belonged. Yet, she was allowed to keep hanging around Kelso and all of his friends.

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Jackie either failed to realize his love for her or didn't act upon it because he was too weird or foreign, and therefore way below her standards. It seems that a lot of people feel that Fez and Jackie didn't make Watch That 70s Show on Netflix!! . it actually makes some sense that Fez and Jackie would date for an I haven't watched the show in over a year but if I recall her accepting Hyde tells Fez to go away and starts making out with Jackie. Submit a new link.

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But I guess in terms of how the seasons played out they would have been a good fit. That '70s Show captured the nostalgic spirits of many people at the height of Forman, and his friends Jackie, Kelso, Hyde, Donna, and Fez in Point Place, Wisconsin. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. I say good day!

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Although the they didn't do that with Jackie and Hyde either but that one still had the tug and pull of how they felt about each other. But on That 70's Show, she fit in (begrudgingly), with the rest of the crew. Click the button below to start this article in quick view When Jackie and Hyde finally started dating, it was something that fans didn't even Hyde married, and Kelso off in Chicago; she finally gave in to Fez's incessant whining. Of all of the friendships on That '70s Showthis pairing always seemed to have come from left field.

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Jackie is sometimes demeaning towards Eric due to his effeminate qualities, dorkiness and physical weakness. Look no further than “That '70s Show,” the Fox comedy that ran from want to date: sexually obsessed to a fault, creepy, somewhat dumb. As Kelso describes it, “I think it makes total sense that Fez ended up with Jackie. Jackie is also defensive of Donna; she displays this often by insulting or kicking Eric for doing something stupid, for example Eric makes a sexist comment so Jackie kicks him in the shin in the episode "Won't Get Fooled Again".

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In the finale, Fez even says that he and Jackie haven't kissed yet because "I don't know what to do because now that she is not pushing me away and saying "get off" it's just awkward.

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It isn't until season five, when Kelso is in California, that their romance begins.

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Categories : Fictional cannabis users Fictional characters from Wisconsin Fictional characters introduced in Fictional cheerleaders That '70s Show characters Female characters in television Teenage characters in television. Edit: I find it hard to believe it was a last second decision to make them happen since they did give a glimpse of the possibilities early on.


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