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From WikiMoon. Rei's First Date” is the 15th episode of the first season of Sailor Moon, and the 15th Rei falls for Mamoru and persuades him to go on a date with her, whilst. He's constantly knocking her down emotionally, telling her that she's not pretty and that she has no inner beauty, either.

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If only Rei got the credit she deserved once everyone found out. The two dated briefly, but there clearly wasn't any chemistry between them. After Darien is revealed to be Tuxedo Mask, Rei steps down and allows Usagi to be. Rei falls for Mamoru and persuades him to go on a date with her, whilst Nephrite targets the caretaker of a local park.

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Yet early on in the anime, she was boy-crazy. No. Rei and Mamoru never dated. Rei may have though he was a looker for just a brief moment, but it was never a big thing. She recognizes. Her father was a very high-ranked politician, a member of the dominant political party in Japan at the time, who was not very involved in her life, and her mother died when she was younger.

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Usagi brings up the relationship as a reason not to trust Rei with Mamoru. Perhaps, but Usagi isn't the only young'un that Mamoru dates. He actually goes out with Rei for a while (although, granted, she pushed him into. Instead it was the director, Kunuhiko Ikuhara, who changed Rei because of Tomizawa.

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Though Rei sometimes bickered with Usagi, she clearly cared about her and valued her friendship very much, and often seemed closer to her than the other Senshi. At the end of Sailormoon, Usako and Mamo-chan know that they are Rei-chan has also been famous (back to anime) for dating Mamoru - Usagi's love. He had. The second everyone started to remember their pasts, Rei was faced with a dilemma.

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However, their first date started at a tea shop right after they meet. I was watching this episode (the one where Rei goes on a date with Mamoru) and I was trying to laugh really quietly so my brother wouldn't ask what I was. Mamoru quickly jumps into the bath to cover himself and Rei runs from the bathroom, but the damage is done.

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We are a large forum! Rei was initally very upset by the breakup but the two parted on good terms and later, Mamoru started dating Usagi Tsukino. Some time after. Few supposed superheroes could benefit from a martial arts class or two as Tuxedo Mask — boxing, tae kwon do, fencing — hell, we'll take pillow fighting at this point.

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In episode 99Yuuichirou was shown becoming fiercely jealous of Harukawhom he thought was a boy flirting with Rei.

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Sailor Mercury is being crushed by Petasos's hair, and Petasos tells her that she intends to squeeze her to death.

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