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You make me feel like a girl again. But Brittany was dating Sam and told Santana she wasn't gonna break up with . At cheerios practice, you can see Santana and Brittany are in parallel spots in. Later, Santana makes up with Rachel and tells her she is giving up her role of the understudy in Funny Girlimplying that her conversation with Brittany worked.

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At graduation, when she's walking up to receive her diploma, Santana hugs Brittany before walking up to the stage. Santana and brittany are we dating. In S Scared Famous Basketball Wives Barely Famous Scream Queens Shaunies Home News interview, and epic. santana. If I were prom queen I could get Brittany to drop the four-eyed loser and go for the real queen.

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Quinn then bursts into tears and Santana and Brittany immediately feel guilty for giving Quinn a hard time because they didn't realize how much the breakup had affected Quinn. But today, we're presenting Brittana's Seven Most Swoon-Worthy Moments (in And Brittany was all, “If it were, Santana and I would be dating. Santana is then seen going from enjoying the performance to taking it literally.

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After Constant CravingBrittany jumps up to Santana with a hug and whispered "That was so beautiful" in her ear. But then I discovered Brittany and Santana on Glee. she and Santana have sex —though, she adds, this doesn't mean that they're dating. Maybe you'd call it bisexual, maybe you'd call it heteroflexible, maybe you'd call it. When Mr.

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Brittany takes Santana's hand out of her pocket and loops it around with hers in which Santana happily accepts. Dani pdv's: I just can't, I can't handle it anymore, I mean, I love Santana and she's dating Brittany, I can't anymore, Santana is my best friend since we were 6, but. Little Interactions can also be seen between them in those choir scenes but were only short lived.

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Santana : Britt, I want to talk about, you know, that thing we never talk about. “Wait, isn't this a date? Aren't you paying, because I ordered shrimp,” Brittany queries, eyeing her prawns. Now we know that Santana's the type. They were also sitting next to each other in the choir room listening to Quinn and Tina singing So Far Awayafter Becky ran out they followed her and tried to comfort her by telling her the secrets they kept and being honest with her.

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They sit in the auditorium with the others during Mercedes' performance of Ain't No Way. Okay, before we start the chapter, you all need to see my new icon. It's the bestest thing ever. For realsies. Um we hit reviews. Holy crap. They make their own luck and then they kiss deeply, after that Sue arrives and Santana tried to kick her out but when she sees her Abuela and she accepts Santana then she thanks Sue for bringing her here.

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Brittany looks back at Santana shocked when Santana says, "I'm sure Artie has thought about getting his legs removed since he's not really using them anyways.

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In the background during Sue's interview after winning the cheerleading Nationals competition with the Cheerios, Santana jumps into Brittany's arms and wraps her legs around her.

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She placed her hands on Santana's shoulders and stepped up onto the bike's back pegs. Santana: Can't I just have one night where I'm queen?