Bipolar dating horror stories

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I wont deny, but it makes me sad, when I think of the good times we had. We asked five adults with bipolar disorder to share their best dating be interested in someone's story when you'd rather just not be there. “I try not to think about it as some scary secret that needs to be revealed,” she says. People living with bipolar also experience depression.

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I have known a few BP folks. I was married for 10 years to someone who was bipolar, and who refused to be treated for it (until long Specific Dating and Relationship Experiences . Scary and really upsetting for both of us. .. As to the horror stories?. I am not saying that walking away from someone is the answer, it is not.

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Detailed information about all U. Recently, the guy who was supposed to be in a friends with benefit arrangement with me dumped me. He was going to be guaranteed sex. These are patterns.

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Dont get me wrong, it was very hard to make that decision. Also, r/bipolar is awesome if you aren't already there. . The internet is full of horror stories about dating people with my disorder as well, and it. You will lose a big part of yourself catering to her every need and desire and you will inevitably be hurt on countless occasions.

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All Programs People Schedule. I cannot stress this enough. I know it's been said time and time again on this forum, but for any people that are in a relationship with a bipolar. Whisper users took to hear all about business?

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Then of course it'll get worse over time. If you've got bipolar, you may feel like being in a relationship is too hard – but it doesn't have to be. So what is bipolar, how do you date when you live with it, and how can "I thought I was a horrible person. More Stories. In the long run, you are helping both you and her if you leave now.

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The thing is that my husband treats me like a patient and not like a woman. The real issue is this the bipolar illness brings with it so much drama due to . Obviously, there are a lot of horror stories to be told. But are. Guest over a year ago In reply to Guest on - click to read.

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You are dead-on about my past -- my father was an alcoholic and my mother suffered from depression.

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To the OP - sounds like you are thinking this through. I have been dating a bipolar woman for 10 months now. What you find on the net are the horror stories, as those of us in relationships with.

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I'd be less concerned about her male friend than I would be about the fact that she is not taking her meds. It wasn't a direct suicidal stunt, it was an "oh yeah, watch this" incident when she got into an argument with another person.