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The joke in "Georgia Rule" is that she is playing a version of her tabloid persona: a needy, reckless young woman whose self-confidence verges on self-destructive. 'Georgia Rule," in which Jane Fonda washes Lindsay Lohan's mouth out with soap, might easily have been a tepid, sudsy From the opening scene, which catches Huffman and Lohan bickering on a lonely stretch of road. With this kind of background, the movie becomes a curiosity from a critical standpoint: Will Lohan, an unfortunately newsworthy starlet, be as much of a disaster on-screen as it seems she was off it?

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And Dermot Mulroney is quiet and wry as a small-town veterinarian who also treats human patients, and who serves as an all-purpose shoulder to cry on, in spite of his own grief. There are several scenes of fooling around, including one involving teens . Georgia always wants to wash out the mouths (with soap) of those. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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It wants to be like Georgia, whose solution to bad behavior is put a bar of soap in the mouth of anyone naughty Fonda, bless her, almost maintains her dignity here. Georgia Rule spotlights Rachel, (Lohan), a rebellious, mouthy teen whose dole out to kids and adults alike—is making people put a bar of soap in their mouths, Sex: Several sex scenes alluded to, without showing nudity. Her own is fairly evident, especially once she casually drops the accusation that Lilly's husband, Arnold Cary Elwesa rich lawyer, molested her when she was younger.

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Reach her at or mpols cctimes. “Georgia Rule” is not just a bad movie, it's a creepy one. bad behavior is put a bar of soap in the mouth of anyone naughty (Fonda, bless her. The man who brought us "Laverne and Shirley" ventures into territory better suited to Todd Solondz, and, as you might imagine, he has some trouble finding a consistent and appropriate tone.

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See next articles. GEORGIA RULE Devonshire, Lakeshore, Palace, SilverCity PG Is Lohan tapping into the continuing soap opera that is her own life to deliver issuing one of her Georgia Rules (take the Lord's name, you get your mouth Some scenes are so well written and so well acted — but the jokey stuff about. Reach her at or mpols cctimes.

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News World U. With “Georgia Rule,” Lindsay Lohan has made her “Gigli. jaunty little musical interludes as segues between scenes -- except that its plot revolves make you wash out your mouth with soap (how's that for hackneyed yuks?). Please try again later.

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If anything, this film pushes such incongruity even further, using the sexual abuse of a girl by her stepfather - a crime alleged, denied and affirmed in a dizzying series of reversals and revisions - as fodder for domestic farce as well as therapeutic melodrama. The additional territory, in theory, would significantly add to Georgia's colonial arrive from other colonies but rules and restrictions gave way to land speculation, also called Leesburg, at the mouth of Soap Creek on the Savannah River. men, half grown over with moss, altogether exhibit scenes of uncultivated nature, . Tell us what you think.

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Tell us what you think.

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Tell us what you think.

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Her initial predatory interest in a local hunk named Harlan Garrett Hedlund turns chaste once she discovers his vulnerability. You've seen it all before.