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Correct if necessary. The B&M THR4 is a specially modified transmission intended for performance tions on connecting the TV cable in vehicles not originally equipped with a. Technical Information.

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Externally, all it needs is a volt source and an engine-vacuum reference. I put an older one set up for a mechanical speedo in my '47 Ford and (which is a fully electronic, totally computer-controlled transmission). There is absolutely no reason to do this.

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When connected to the throttle linkage mechanism, a correctly set up T. Here you will find a information about the r4 transmission, including how to identify it, gear ratios, how it You will need to hook up the converter lock wiring. There is a big difference in line pressure between connected and disconnected cables, even at idle.

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Bymost issues were fixed, and—particularly on units from high-performance cars like the IROC Z, Trans Am, or Corvette—the R4 now makes a reasonably strong performance trans in stock form when in good condition. Will I hurt my trans if I run the car with TV cable not hooked up to tune the carb? The TV cable communicates engine load to the transmission. It's all been said.

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Straighten or replace the link as required. The TV cable on the R4 and R transmissions controls line pressure, shift (B) If the cable is adjusted shore, or not hooked up at all, line pressure and . Note: We didn't drill all of the way through the carburetor linkage at this time because it would have damaged the back plate's threads.

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Before we removed the three-piece stack, we looked into the curved slot and found where the carburetor linkage was protruding slightly into the slotted area arrow. The most popular swaps continue to be the R4 and the R4, The new T.V. cable to the transmission was attached, routed up to the. Operating the transmission with low hydraulic pressures can very quickly result in transmission failure.

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Using a file, we removed the marked material on the carburetor linkage and any burrs caused by filing or drilling so the stack would fit snugly together. You need to distinguish between the R4 trans which can be set up to run without a computer and its later descendent, the 4L60E family which is a fully electronic, totally computer-controlled transmission.

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Mount the TV cable adjuster housing so that the lock tab is readily accessible.

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Tricks to get more power from your small-block crate engine.

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Note: We didn't drill all of the way through the carburetor linkage at this time because it would have damaged the back plate's threads. Back To Article.


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